D4W/PS New Features Release - Build 5269


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5269 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here


New and Enhanced Features D4W

Prompt to enter Patient Mobile

A new general setting has been added to this build. Once turned on, the users will receive a prompt to enter a Mobile number if failed to do so when creating a new patient (including creating an appointment for a new patient, and creating a file for a new patient).

The general setting is in Location Setup > General tab > Patients group > Prompt to enter Mobile on New Patient Creation = Yes

For more details on this feature, please click here.


Allow multiple eSystems

A new general setting has been added to enable Practices to setup 1 or more eSystems available at a location.

Please click here to see how it works.


Search Group or User in Security tab

For practices with a long list of Groups/Users/Super Groups in Security tab, now it is possible to search for a particular group or user or super group. Simply type in the name in Search area then click Find, the desired group or user will show

Phase/Visit Subtotals added to Case Presentation template

Treatment plan Phase/Visit subtotals have been added to 'Treatment Plan Items' input field. In Treatment Plan Case Presentation letter, the subtotal of each phase/visit will show.


New and Enhanced Features D4W Mobile App

A new version of D4W Mobile App is now available.

Update the App directly from your device. 


SMS Patients directly from Appointment or Patient details in the Mobile App

Instructions: D4W Mobile App: SMS Patients


New and Enhanced Features D4W UAE


MEMBER ID LIMIT VIEW EXTENDED - When hovering the mouse over the MEMBER ID in the remittance advice windows the view limit now matches the 30 characters of the Member ID



  • SMS Messaging Report: Incorrect display of the message text
  • Appointment Automation: Only one patient being messaged if patients share mobile number
  • D4W crash when multiple insurance is enabled
  • Preset slots with Online box unchecked will not sync on eAppointment
  • Correct sync/update of non-working day from D4W to eAppointment
  • Unable to import fees from File
  • Child Benefit Scheme Fee level not available in Locations


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