Prompt to Enter Mobile on New Patient Creation


When booking a new patient appointment or creating a new patient file, users may forget to enter a mobile number, which can lead to failure of confirming the appointment, or losing the patient.

To solve this problem, please follow instructions below:

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab > Patients Group

  2. Prompt to enter Mobile on New Patient Creation = Yesmceclip0.png

How it works

The message below will pop when:

  1. Creating a new patient appointment, clicking OK (attempt to complete the booking) with an empty Mobile field

  2. Creating a new patient file, attempt to leave the Patients tab with an empty Mobile filedmceclip1.png

Upon seeing this message, user can either enter a mobile number, or select Assign "No Mobile" to the patient.

If Assign "No Mobile" to the patient is selected, in Patients tab > Mobile field, a blue message will show:


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