Use Multiple Electronic Claims Systems


D4W has integrations with multiple eSystems - HCONNECT, TOUCH, TYRO and Smart Health by CBA.

Usually each practice only needs to connect to one of the above eSystems. However, if the practice is in one of the below situations, they may need to connect to more than one eSystem per Location/Computer.

  • Trialing other eSystems while maintaining their current eSystem as a failover

  • Working in configurations where dentists share a receptionist but have individual agreements with different eSystem providers. In this configuration the receptionist must send the transaction according to eSystem used by the treating dentist.

Follow steps below to use more than one eSystem.

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab > Paths & Links Group

  2. Use Multiple Electronic Claim Systems = Yes

  3. Once set to Yes, a new setting will be added to the list automatically, where users can select the available eSystem for the Location/Computer.

    1. What Electronic Claims System is used > Click the box on the right
    2. Tick the eSystem(s) to be used, one of them can be set as Default
    3. Click OK
  4. All available eSystems are shown in What Electronic Claims System is used

When more than one eSystem is selected, a new option will be added to Go to menu: Electronic claim/payment system selection (HCONNECT)

If the user is processing a claim through the default eSystem, nothing is changed, just follow the current procedure.

If the user is processing a claim through another eSystem, they need to:

  1. Go to Go to menu > Electronic claim/payment system selection

  2. Select the eSystem to be used

  3. Click OK

Please note:

  1. Once an eSystem is selected in Electronic claim/payment system selection, it will be saved as the eSystem for next use till the user has updated the selection again. 

  2. Claim cancellation MUST use the eSystem it was sent by.


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