Tariffs: Set Tariff Commission for Providers


When paying a provider commission, there are two different methods available in D4W/ PSS that affect the way the commission is calculated.
The provider may be paid based on:

  1. The commission raised from invoices or receipts; or

  2. Commission based on treatment items performed (Tariffs*).

*This topic discusses the commission based on treatment items (Tariffs)
Alternatively, see Providers Topics for instruction on Commission raised on invoices/ Commission raised on receipts)/ Setup Cost (Expenses) to Providers

Tariff commission is calculated based on the items performed by a provider

  1. Go to Location Management > Tariffs tab

  2. Location: Select the Location

  3. Highlight Provider name from the list

  4. Click on Add New Icon to add the New Period Start Date of the tariff commission. (The date that this tariff commences)

  5. The commission value is entered for each and every item for the selected provider

    1. This can be added as a monetary value ($ column) or a percentage of the invoice or receipt for each individual item (% column) Repeat for each Provider

There are Prerequisites required for use of: ‘Tariff’ method. Please contact Centaur Support to install Tariffs module

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