D4W/PS New Features Release - Build 5311


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5311 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here


Enhanced Features D4W

DVA - Update items with $0 Fee

For customers with DVA Online module, items with $0 fee (eg. D061, S061) will be updated to $1 after the upgrade, so users don't receive error when submitting the claim from D4W. 

See DVA Fee Schedule

Sterilisation: Change Default Field to Content Type

When 'Contents' dialog/list box is open (in Sterilisation tab > Autoclave Cycle dialog; or in Clinical Notes when Sterilisation radio button is selected), users need to enter the sterilisation package content associated with the Bar Code. Once this dialog box is open, the Contents type drop list will be in focus by default. Users can type in the first letter of the required Content Type, select the Type then click OK to complete entry. This will result in a faster workflow.


PDF Option added to Scan in Documents Manager

Scan documents into a patient's file via Document Manager > Capture from Scanner, PDF option has been added to the 'Save as' dropdown list.

CMS Message Updated at 'Duplicate Patient Records Merge'

When merging duplicate patient records via Patients tab > Patient menu > Duplicate Patient records merge, if CMS (Centaur Mediasuite) is installed, users will receive one message with only one option (OK), click OK and all CMS images will be copied to the designated patient's file. In previous build, 2 options were shown in this message (Yes and No), users may click No by mistake.


Optimise staff dropdowns for large Databases

For large databases - especially Multi-Location databases, in Appointment Book, when selecting Provider or Staff from relevant droplist (e.g. For Provider list or Appointed By list), the system will only fill the list of Providers/Staff according to the Logged on Location and Active Providers/Staff for this location. This will cut down the time spent on opening an appointment.

Optimised Speed

8 x faster >"Invoices + Receipts" Report one day/all providers 

200+% faster > Report "Items Performed on a Patient" 

VistaSoft (VS) 3.0

New X-ray link by Duerr Dental



  • Unexpected Event when Activate DVA Online

  • Cosmetic issue - "Start/Access to D4W" form that hides behind the splash screen at startup


United Arab Emirates ONLY

New and Enhanced Features D4W 

As part of recent NABIDH changes D4W can now send Medications, Radiology Results, Vitals and Dental problems via HL7 for NABIDH Integration.

Sending Medications using HL7

New settings for the drug Code, Description, Dosage, Dosage Units, Route of Admin can be found in Location Setup > System tables > Medications. The prescription can be created from Patient Records > Find/View menu. The frequency of sending a ‘Medications’ HL7 message to NABIDH can be set in Location Setup > General tab > Health Level Seven (HL7) > Send Frequency (sec)



Sending Radiology Results using HL7 

Radiology results can be recorded under the notes option after inserting the Radiology Treatment item code. All active LOINC codes can be setup in Location Setup > System tables > LOINC. The frequency of sending a Radiology HL7 message to NABIDH can be set in Location Setup > General tab > Health Level Seven (HL7) > Send Frequency (sec)



Sending Vitals using HL7

The Vitals can be recorded under a non-treatment item ‘Vitals’. This will be sent along with Update Patient Information (ADT^A08) when a patient’s appointment is Checked out.



Sending Dental Problems using HL7

D4w now will send ‘Problems’ list to NABIDH Integration. This message will follow the Update Patient information (ADT^A08) message triggered by the “Checked Out” event.



Fixes D4W UAE

  • NABIDH Clinical Report: An unexpected event in D4W has been fixed



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