Automatic eForm Status in Appointments


Create a new status or assign an existing status to be automatically added to a patient's next appointment once an eForm for this patient has been processed.

Setup eForm Appointment Status

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Options menu > Setup status types

  2. Click New to create a status for eForm

    1. Type in description

    2. Right click in Type column to select a letter for this status

    3. select Back color and Text color

    4. Click OK

  3. Go to Options menu > Setup Appointment Status types

    1. Select eForm status from the droplist against 'Set eForms appointment status'

    2. Click OK

Now eForm status will be automatically added to the patient's next appointment. If the patient has more than one future appointment, the status will only be added to the first upcoming appointment.

Read below scenarios for additional details.

Scenario 1: No Patient Conflict and Patient has a future appointment

  1. Go to Go to menu > View Completed Patient Forms

    1. Enter the Date Range if needed, then click Get new eForms

    2. Click OK to acknowledge that new eForms have been retrieved

    3. Highlight the new form, click View Form

    4. After previewing the form, click Process Form

  2. eForm status is added to the next appointment

Scenario 2: Patient conflict exists and the patient has a future appointment

  1. Follow above steps to retrieve and process eForm for the patient

    1. Click Assign to an existing patient

    2. Tick the information to be updated
    3. Click Assign and update selected
  2. eForm status is added to the future appointments

Scenario 3: eForm received while patient doesn't have future appointments

Users need to manually add the status in when creating the next appointment for this patient.

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