D4W/ PS New Features Release - Build 5393


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5393 and higher.

Limited release from:  2/06/2023          General release:  15/06/2023

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New Features D4W

Setup Fortnightly / Alternating Weeks Appointment Book Templates

The Fortnightly/Alternating Weeks feature allows the user to customise the book setup for a Week 1 and Week 2 template. Click here for Instructions

Audit Trail Report: Discounts Applied

The Discounts Applied audit trail report provides a history of all discounts applied in the specified time period. Click here for Instructions

Automatic eForm Status in Appointments

For practices using eForms, they can now create a new status or assign an existing status to be automatically added to a patient's next appointment once an eForm for this patient has been processed. Click here for Instructions

eServices New Features

Click here for eServices New Feature Release Notes


Enhanced Features D4W

CBA Smart Health - Remove mandatory health fund, card number, series to commence transaction

Scheduled Reports - User Interface improvements

Appointment Book - Print Conflicts in Templates

Handling Deceased Patients - Head of family, Appointments

Improve D4W eServices - eAPPT/Conflicts Management Console UI



21 x Optimisations and / or bugs squashed

  • Smart Health - Terminal Credit payment Type not applied to invoice after Claim 

  • New status type "eForms" - incorrect behaviors with multiple eAppt made 8

  • Change font in window 'eForm access code generate'

  • Appt Book: Team Book - Error on Modify 

  • Appt Book: day parameter 

  • Appt Book - Problem with Refresh

  • Appt book - Elements of the window "Set appointment status types"

  • Appt Book - Unknown status for booking

  • Surcharge not working with Location Based fee levels 

  • 3D Charting - crashing in build 5311

  • Scheduled Reports - "Item performed on patients" report shows no data on build 5311 

  • BIM - KPI-01 Report load time fix

  • Automation  - ID of recall set appears in "Update recall date" form

  • eForms - Generate access code 

  • eForms - retrieve forms for selected patient issues found

  • eForms - displays patient`s conflict after resolving that conflict in eAppointments 

  • eForms - Problem receiving eforms

  • eAppt - sync problem

  • eAppt - D4w cannot create appointment from eAppointment

  • eAppt - Cancelling eAppt booking by D4w

  • eServices - Processing a communication problem


United Arab Emirates ONLY

New and Enhanced Features D4W 

ENHANCE: eClaims: Allow Users to Add Text Observations

A notes field (text field, comments) is now available during the submission for claims in the new eClaims window.

Click on the Nt column, a new window ‘eClaim Observation Notes’ appears.

Enter the comments and Click OK

The eClaims preview/printout will have the Nt column indicating the data with Y or N 

ENHANCE: eClaims - Remove Spaces from Preapproval Code
The system will no longer accept space characters in the prior authorisation code (Pre Approval Code). This is to avoid claims rejection. 


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D4W/PS New Features Release Notes - Build 5311





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