D4W/ PS New Features Release - Build 5603


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 5603 and higher.

Limited release from: 10/04/2024           General release:  04/06/2024

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D4W/ PS New Features Release Notes - Build 5531


New Features D4W


eKiosk is a service that allows patients to check in on their devices or on practice device to update their appointment status in D4W on their arrival at the practice. eKiosk can also be linked with eForms so patients are directed to fill out any due eForms. Here is more information. Contact us to setup eKiosk. 


A prompt can be set up to enter Sterilisation barcodes when completing Checked In and further prompt if Checked In is missed. Here is more information on setting this up.

Enhanced Features D4W

National Dental Plan - Payment Terms

Payment terms have been updated, new terms added and deposits allowed. Here is more information.

National Dental Plan - New Payment Term

New payment term of 15,000 has been added. 

Recalls Wildcards

Wildcards in Trigger Items. Here is more information.

Items Performed Over a Period Report - Exclude Non-Treatment Items

Patients with non-treatment items can be excluded from Items Performed over a period report. Here is more information.

Hello Pearl On Demand Integrator - Create a Progress Bar

Hello Pearl On Demand Integrator -  A Progress Bar has been created. Here is more information.

CoTreat Web Integrations

CMSupport Files on Cloud Servers for CoTreat Web Integrations



- Cosmetic issues: "Providers" tab / An unnecessary note appears in the report "Treatment History by Tooth..." / Total receipts with providers incorrectly dividing payment between providers

- Database error when using eChat 

- Issue with selecting Health Fund Using Keyboard

- Book Group Ordering Breaks when Book is made in active from Book Setup window

- Appointment Scheduling SMS messages send to patients without providers needing to be assigned to SMS template

- eForms - Message shows invalid provider's data after changing provider / spelling mistake / Cosmetic changes for window "Edit reminder message" / Change message after retrieving an eForm

- Mail Merge and eForms  - system error on changing template

- Sterilisation - Prompt when Barcodes Not Entered - Steri Item Deleted

- Debtors tab, the "Clinical Notes Log audit..." report with Third Party doesn't work 

United Arab Emirates ONLY

New and Enhanced Features D4W 

eClaims: Integration with New Portal (Nanohealth) - Phase 1

XML download option for D4W so that the claims can be submitted for the new Nano portal.

NABIDH: Radiology - Restrict Radiology Service Records

Change the user interface in the radiology data grids of Nabidah so that users can easily select the Radiology Service Record. In Items tab > Other Details subtab, a new checkbox Used for Radiology records has been added.

The selected items will be listed in the Radiology grid.


Fixes D4W UAE

- NABIDA: Unable to print in NABIDA message management window error



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