eServices New Feature Release Notes Web Stable 52


The following new and enhanced features are available in Web Stable 52 and higher. Web Stable releases are automatically applied to the service; however, some features are dependent on D4W too. To receive the full benefits of the eService features we recommend being on the latest build of D4W. 

For instructions on how to upgrade D4W, click here.


New and Enhanced Features

Promotions can be displayed in eAppointments

This feature enables a promotion to be displayed on the search page of eAppointments

Instructions: Create Promotions

Instructions: How to Modify a Promotion

Instructions: Allocate a Promotion to a Provider

Instructions: How to Delete/Suspend a Promotion

Instructions: Promotion History


eAppointments : Fees added to reason

This feature enables a fee to be added to any appointment reason. The price can be different for each provider.

Instructions: Add a fee to an Appointment Reason


eAppointments: Booking appointments for the family

Enhancements have been made to this feature, to make it convenient for the patient to add a family member when making an appointment and create a password for the individual family members.

Instructions: Booking an appointment for a family member

Instructions: Create a Password for a Family Member

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