CommBank Smart Health: Process Patient Claims


The below instructions assume CommBank Smart Health is setup to claim via D4W, the correct patient is in view and items are already entered in Treatment tab, ready to process the claim. 


  • Multi-patient claims are not currently supported by the SmartHealth app. Please process each patient claim separately.

  • Claims & Other items (e.g: stock purchases) cannot be processed in the same transaction. Please process a claim & a purchase invoice separately.

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment tab

  2. Itemised Invoices menu > New Invoice Only / Press F2 key / Click New Invoice icon

    1. Click SmartHealth

    2. Check the details of the claim are correct. Its possible to deselect items to exclude from the claim or Cancel to start again.

    3. Click OK to proceed with the claim

    4. When prompted, swipe the patients' insurance card (the patient card is in hand, ready to swipe) on the terminal

    5. Once the claim has been processed, click OK to proceed

  3. Gap Payments
    The payment type options will appear on your terminal screen (new Smart Health app 15/4/2024)
    And the gap amount message will appear on D4W screen, click OK to proceed to payment

    1. Select Credit or debit card: On the Terminal, select the gap payment as a Card payment:
      1. Follow the terminal instruction
      2. The terminal will input the whole amount of the gap and will settle the invoice / payment automatically
      3. Once completed, click OK on the following message in D4W
      4. Click OK, the transaction has also automatically processed within D4W and on the terminal
      5. Click Exit or Print in D4W to close the Invoice window
    2. Select Manual card entry: On the Terminal, select the gap payment as a Manual card entry payment. 
      (Disclaimer: Apply due diligence when processing cards using manual entry. For details refer to Smart Health Terminal User Guide)

      1. Follow the terminal instruction
      2. Enter the amount of the gap to settle the invoice / payment
      3. Once completed, click OK on message in D4W and follow steps as per above instructions for Card payments
    3. Select Cash: On the terminal, select the gap payment as a Cash payment
      1. In this scenario the user will select Cash on the terminal which returns control back to D4W to process the payment manually
      2. Enter payment details. Click here if further instruction required
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