HICAPS: TRINITY TERMINAL connection with HICAPS Connect V4.0.0.1 software


Before connecting your new Hicaps Trinity Terminal, ensure D4W is running on the latest (build 5393 or higher). This upgrade installs the Hicaps Connect v4.0.0.1

Please note:

  • HICAPS Connect V4.0.0.1 is only compatible with Windows 10 and up

  1. Check your D4W Build number. If you require instruction, click here

  2. If you are not on build 5393 or higher, upgrade your D4W to the latest build. If you require upgrade instruction, click here

  3. Once the HICAPS Trinity Terminal has been installed, your system must be able to locate the terminal

    1. Right click on the HICAPS icon in the Windows taskbar 
    2. Select Configure
    3. In the ‘HICAPS Connect Service Setup’ window, check for correct HICAPS Connect build
    4. Click Close
  4. Right click on the HICAPS icon in the Windows taskbar 

    1. Select Re-scan for HICAPS Terminals 
    2. Terminal should be found, and icon in the taskbar will change from red to yellow

      If the icon does not change colour please contact HICAPS
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