D4W/ PS New Features Release - Build 5503 Vi7


The following new and enhanced features are available in Vi7 Build 5503 and higher.

Limited release from: 25/10/2023           General release: To Be Confirmed

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D4W/ PS New Features Release Notes - Build 5429


New Features D4W

Close an Appointment Book

An appointment book can now be closed so that no further bookings can be made in that appointment book after the set date. Click here for instructions


Duplicate Patients Record Merge Workflow Changes

The duplicate patient record will now be deleted as part of the Duplicate Patients Records Merge process. Click here for more information. 


Enhanced Features D4W

SMS Manager - Improved Retrieval logic SMS Replies

D4W Marketing - Update CSV export format when using DMMi Automatic

CBA Smart Health - Update labels and order of the Smart Health ‘credential attributes’ to match the Smart Health Portal

Appointment Book Breaks/Preset Slots - Improved logic in managing "Important information" after changing Day/Book setup

Security - Update the Delete Audit Trail message

D4W NZ Dental Benefits - Can Export Forms as a PDF

D4W NZ Dental Benefits - update item descriptions

Unallocated Deposits Report - Exclude reversed deposits from Prior Period Lock period from report. Click here for more information



- Unable to access 3D Charting tab on any PC 

- Unable to alter discount category on invoices

- eServices Tab is incorrectly disabled

- Incorrect removal of records for eServices Sync History report

- Error when generate eForms access code

- BIM reports "Fee Level Financial Analysis" and "Insurance Funds Financial Analysis" showing no data

- Import Fees from file bug

- eAppt booking not processed after receiving

- Issue with eMarketing Automation "Post Visit Survey"



United Arab Emirates ONLY

New and Enhanced Features D4W 

NEW: D4w Mobile App for UAE via VPN:

D4W Mobile is now released for UAE region. The users can now login to D4W Mobile application to navigate through the appointment book, book appointments and view the patient details. 

For further information, please contact your regional support on 800 032 1175


ENHANCE: eClaims- Search and Filter by IDs:

eClaims viewing screen has been enhanced to filter the columns, print, and export the data.

The user can now right click on the header to filter the columns in eClaims view screen.

Additionally, they can print and export the data by right clicking and selecting print list. 

As part of NABIDH requirement, the below enhancements have been done in the system. 



The ReOpt-in option mentioned in the latest NABIDH specification document is now incorporated in D4w.

Facility ReOpt In: If the patient has Opted Out for specific facility and decides to ReOpt-In then the same facility a message will be triggered to Nabidh according to the selection.

Global ReOpt In: If patient has Opted Out Globally and decides to ReOpt- In Globally then a message will be triggered to Nabidh according to the selection. 


ENHANCE: NABIDH Insurance plan and Self pay changes 

Only selected insurance plan details will be triggered to Nabidh, If there are no insurance plan a self pay message format mentioned by Nabidh is now incorporated in this build 


ENHANCE: NABIDH Radiology Request 

Radiology Observation has now become a mandatory requirement for the Radiology Report. Therefore, if a user enters the item "RadioR," they will be unable to proceed by clicking "Ok" until they've filled in the observation field. 


ENHANCE: NABIDH Remove cancel button from dialog

The cancel button has been removed in this build. The removal of the cancel button ensures that there is no disruption in the patient check in message workflow to Nabidh.


ENHANCE: NABIDH Family and Social History

The Social and Family history of the patients can now be entered in the system and the messages are triggered to Nabidh in update patient information and Nabidh Clinical Report.


ENHANCE: NABIDH Medication – Add dosage form and Revise UI

The Nabidh prescription window has been enhanced to include the dosage form and the total quantity will be populated automatically with the frequency and duration entered.



Fixes D4W UAE

- eClaims - Multiple Family Members: Error

- Multiple crashes & Lock conflict issue fix



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