MediaSuite New Features Release - Build 4.069


The following new and enhanced features are available in Build 4.069 and higher.

For instructions on how to upgrade, click here

New and Enhanced Features 

Email Setup Settings

CMS Email Service OAuth2.0 support for SMTP. OAuth2 option for the Email setup. Click here for more information.

CMS Radiological Log Report

CMS Radiological Log. New Radiology log has been added to the CMS reports. Click here for more information.

MediaScan Corner Filter

CMS Corner mask filter for MediaScan

A new Corner Mask filter can be applied in the MediaScan capture window. The filter applies the mask around the Image plate and makes all the outer space black as illustrated below. Click here for more information.

CMS Default modality by Device 

The X-Ray/Other devices have the default DICOM modalities assigned to them automatically while in the capture window. TWAIN devices have OT DICOM modality assigned automatically. These can be changed. Click here for more information.

Import and View 3D Images

DICOM 3D volumes can now be imported and viewed in MediaSuite Classic. The images will be imported in the same format. 3D images can be viewed 1 slice at a time. Volumes can only be viewed, any changes made during a session will not be saved.

MediaSuite: Import 3D Volumes

MediaSuite: Open and View 3D Volume

Export Imported 3D Volumes

3D Volumes that have been imported can be exported. Mediasuite: Export Images 

Display System Information to include imported 3D images data

The updated Display System information interface has image data on imported 3D volume

CMScan interface has patient details

The patient details are now on top of the CMScan interface

New Fields added to Properties Diagnosis Window

DICOM Modality, kV, mA and ms fields added to Image properties/diagnosis window. These fields need to be either manually entered or may be automatically entered depending on what device is being used. 

Select Multiple Annotations

More than one annotation can be selected on an image by pressing the Alt key and selecting the annotations by the mouse clicks. These selected annotations can be deleted at once and their attributes can be updated at the same time. 


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