PearlOnDemand Integration to Second Opinion for D4W & Mediasuite users


PearlOnDemand is an integration application that links D4W to Mediasuite to the Second Opinion platform (an AI-powered real time radiologic detection aid for dentists). 

Check Out the Second Opinion website link & training video, found at the end of this article

  • "PearlOnDemand" is launched via the Patient Records tabs in D4W using an x-ray icon link

  • "PearlOnDemand" only uploads images taken on the day for the patient in view

  1. In D4W:

    1. Go to > Patient Records (2D & 3D Charting, Perio, Treatment Plan or Treatment tabs)

    2. Click Icon to start Centaur Mediasuite

  2. In Centaur Mediasuite:

    1. Capture images as per usual process

  3. In D4W:

    1. Click Icon to start Pearl on Demand
      Note: If you only 1 x-ray system linked in D4W before the PearlOnDemand setup, the new icon will be blue; if not, it will be the Purple icon

    2. A progress bar will inform user of the progress of image upload
    3. Once completed, the following message will appear
  4. Second Opinion 

    1. The images and the detections will be available in Second Opinion within a few minutes

    2. Second Opinion training video

    3. Second Opinion website
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