Add New Appointment Book


Add Appointment Book

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Options menu

  2. Select Setup all Books

  3. Click Add new

    1. Location: Select if applicable

    2. Description: Enter the name of the book

    3. Recurrence: Select <None>, Fortnightly - Alternating Weeks or Even/Odd Days Sensitive
    4. Optional Settings:

      1. Start At / Finish At: Enter basic start and finish times

      2. Interval: Set the appointment slot duration, minimum of 5

      3. Copy: Select an existing book to copy settings and template

    5. Click OK 
  4. Select the book in the Books list

  5. Click Templates

    1. Edit Start/Finish Times, Add Lunch Breaks, Add Regular Breaks/Meetings
    2. When finished, select Whole Template > Apply to the Book's Days
    3. Click Exit



Link Appointment Book to a Provider

Update / Design Appointment Book Template

Setup Fortnightly / Alternating Weeks Appointment Book Templates

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