Active Patients


This report generates a list of all patients that are active in D4W/PSS.

Patients are considered active when they have had treatment performed in the date range you specify.

If a patient has been entered in to D4W/PSS, but they are yet to have any treatment performed they will not be counted on this report.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Open Active Patients report

    1. Date range: Select the period the patient must have had treatment performed

    2. Location: Select the location, if applicable

    3. Provider: Click on the Providers to include in the report

    4. Show inactive providers as well: tick to include providers no longer working at the practice 

    5. Show Total Only: By ticking Show Total only the patient will be counted by location and not by provider. If the Show Total only box isn’t ticked, and a patient has seen more than one provider in the date range specified, this patient will be counted for each provider they have seen.
    6. Click OK



Report Details

The report will generate a list of all the Providers selected and the total active patients for the selected period.

  1. Show Total only unticked:

  2. Show Total only ticked:




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