Fees Per Postcode


This report allows you to view the total payments received for a selected period in an area. The report can be based on just one suburb, or you can have multiple suburbs selected with sub-totals for each.

Run the Report

  1. Go to Location Management > Reports tab

  2. Double click Fees Per Postcode report

  3. Select your parameters

    1. Date Range: Select the payment received date range to base report on

    2. Click Suburbs

      1. Location: select if applicable

      2. Enter either the SuburbPost Code, or State > Click Find

      3. Click the suburb found to add it to the List of suburbs included... section

      4. To add more, click Reselect and enter the next areas details

    3. Click OK


Report Details

The report will generate a list of all patients that have made a payment in the selected period and have a first address postcode that meets your search criteria.

Shown on the report are the Suburb, Code, Patient, Date Paid and Amount.

Each suburb is separated with sub-totals; you will find the overall results at the end of the report.

A percentage of patients for the practice per postcode is shown with a percentage of payments for the period also.


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