Create a New Fee Level


Add New Fee Level

  1. Go to Location Management > Fees tab

  2. Click New Level button 

    1. Optional - select an existing Fee Level Name to copy fees from

    2. To new: Enter the name of the new fee level

    3. Since: Enter the start date of this new fee level

    4. Click OK button

Add Fees to New Level

  1. Highlight the fee level

  2. Against each applicable item

    1. Fee($): Enter the dollar amount, including GST

    2. Mode: Select if this items fee is 

      1. Variable: Can be altered in Treatment Plan, Treatment and by Discounts

      2. Fixed: Cannot be altered in Treatment Plan or Treatment. Special permission required for Discounts.

      3. Increase: Can only be increased in Treatment Plan and Treatment. Special permission required for Discounts. 

      4. Decease: Can only be reduced in Treatment Plan and Treatment. 

NOTE: GST is set within items. Click here to learn how to setup GST. 

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