Add New Insurance Company


Add New Insurance Company

  1. Go to Insurance > Insurances tab

  2. Operations menu > Select New Record

    1. Enter the details for the insurance company. (Not all fields must be entered. The minimum is the Name and Abbreviation.)

    2. Invoices to: Select how the insurance company would like to receive invoices, if applicable

    3. E-System: if using HCONNECT for claim, select HICAPS. This does not apply for other terminals.

    4. Card No prefix: If using HCONNECT, enter the insurance card prefix

 Next, an insurance plan must be added to show within Patient Details. 


Add New Insurance Plan

  1. With the insurance company in view, click the Add button (bottom right)

    1. Plan Code: This is the abbreviation for this plan

    2. Plan Name: This is the full name of this plan

    3. E-System: Select e-System 

    4. Tick Co-Payment is allowed is applicable 

    5. Amount: Enter rebate amount for each item if applicable

    6. Click OK
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