Consolidated Patient Record Report


Gather information from the patient file and collate into a report with a cover sheet that can be used to present or transfer file to specialists and other dental practices. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab

  2. Patient menu > Select Consolidated Patient Record Report

  3. Set the report parameters

    1. Patients: always ticked to include the 'Patient Details report', it will use the latest 'Medical History' entry.
      1. Include Patient History Audit: includes audit trail of data entered into the History tab
      2. Include Patient Custom Fields: includes any custom fields you've setup
    2. Perio: tick to include a preview of the patient’s perio chart. Use the dropdown box to select the date which the chart of interest was created on. This option will only appear if the Perio module is activated.
      1. Jaw: Select upper, lower or both jaws
    3. Charting: Select the date which the chart of interest was created on. The feature will only appear if the module is activated and a chart exists.
      1. Normal: Select to view as a 2D chart
      2. 3D: Select to view as a 3D Chart (if activated)
      3. Include Chart Notes: includes the charting notes
    4. Treatment and Financials
      1. Date: specify a date range that narrows the displayed data to that entered within the specified date range
      2. Treatment Plan Notes: includes the Preview Plan Notes report from Treatment Plan tab
      3. Treatment Done: includes the Treatment Done report from the Treatment tab.
      4. Clinical Notes: includes clinical notes from Treatment
        1. Include Non-Reporting Items: includes any items that are marked as non-reporting in the above 3 reports 
        2. Include Non-Treatment Items: include any items and their notes that are marked as non-treatment in the above 3 reports.
        3. Treatment Plan Notes
          1. Standard (Notes only): The report will display the Item numbers with the Notes
          2. Extended (Items with Descriptions & Notes): The report will display the Item numbers and Descriptions with the Notes
            1. Include Items & Notes from Inactive Plan
            2. Include Completed Items & Notes 
    5. Financial: includes the Transaction Summary report from the Receipts tab
      1. Show Fees: shows fees within the Detailed Transaction Summary report
    6. Click OK

With the report open, either use the drop list to move to sections or the arrow icons.










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