Make a Family Appointment


Create multiple appointments for members of the same family. Patients must be members of a family for this feature to work. 

  1. Go to the Appointment Book

  2. Right click in an empty appointment slot > Insert new... > Family Appointment...

  3. Window: Find Patients for Family Appointment

    1. Enter the name of someone in the family

    2. Click Find

    3. Highlight the correct patient in Patients Found section

    4. Select the patients to schedule for in Family member of patient selected above

    5. Click OK

  4. Window: Appointment for Family 

    1. Available Options:

      1. Use the arrow icons to move a patient in the list; this affects the order of appointments

      2. Highlight a patient and click Remove Patient button if not required

    2. Schedule Appointment:

      1. Highlight the patient

        1. Fill in details of this patients' appointment

      2. Highlight the next patient

        1. Fill in details of this patients' appointment

      3. Repeat until all patients appointment details are entered

      4. Click OK

Add a New Family Member

Patients Status - Family Head / Family Member

Change from Family Member to Family Head of Same Family



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