eChat Message Management


Message Management is used to search for messages that have been sent or received with filters.

  1. Open eChat inbox

  2. Click on the settings Message Management icon

    1. Use drop lists to filter messages then click Retrieve

    2. Tick Advanced Options to see more filter options. See the table below for a description of each filter selection.



Sent to / Received from

Select if you are looking for sent or received messages

Any User / Individual

Select who you would like to see messages sent or received by/to

Advanced Options 

Any / Unread / Read

Select the type of message you would like to view

Created From

Select the date to begin the search from

Show Full Text

Select if you would like to see full or part message

With Text

Select key words to base the search on


Press this button when ready to start search

You can reply to a message shown in Message Management if viewing Received from messages. Right click on the message then select Reply.


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