Send eChat Message


Send an eChat message to an individual user or a group.

  1. Open the eChat inbox

  2. Click on the New Message icon

  3. Double click the recipient/s of your new message in the Recipient list

  4. Enter message

  5. The icons shown in the New Message window are designed to quickly insert commonly used details.

    1.   Date/Time: Inserts a current date & time stamp

    2.   Employee: Inserts the Title, Firstname and Surname of the current logged in eChat user

    3.   Patient: Inserts the Title, Firstname and Surname of last patient viewed in Patient Details

    4.   Find a Patient: Allows you to find a patient and insert their Title, Firstname and Surname

    5.   Spell Check: Performs a spell check of all words entered within the message

  6. Additionally, the user can user a Fast Note to add commonly used instructions quickly. Setup Fast Notes in Location Setup > Fast Notes tab.

  7. Click Send

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