eChat Settings and Preferences


The eChat Settings allows for individuals to set their personal preferences of using the feature, including how they will be notified of incoming messages and if sound is attached to an alert. 

  1. Open eChat Inbox

  2. Click the eChat Settings icon

    1. Refer to the below table to understand each option

      User Settings


      Open to

      eChat Inbox – Inbox will open onscreen as soon as user logs on.

      D4W Tray – Inbox will be minimised when user logs on.

      Display Messages

      2, 3, 4 or All Rows

      The more rows showing, the more of each message the user can see without opening (Viewing) the message.


      Select the sound to be played when a new message is received.

      Note: ‘Notify’ is the shortest sound in the list and will be on by default

      D4W Tray Flashes (on New)

      Select the duration the eChat tray flashes for when a message is received: Never, Always, 5 Times, 1 Minute

      Open eChat inbox on incoming messages

      Tick Check Box if the eChat window should always show when a message is received.


      Setup customised groups of recipients to send messages to that group.

      Note: if a recipient is inactive then the message will not be sent to that recipient.

      Confirm Logout

      Tick check box if a confirmation message is required at the time of logout.



      Press <Enter>

      Select the eChat action when Enter is pressed on the keyboard: Add New Line or Send Message

      Default Recipient Type

      Select the recipient type already selected when creating a New Message: All, Users, eChat Groups, D4W Groups

      Default for ‘Move to Archive after Sending’

      Tick check box if all messages should be Moved to Archive after replying to them.


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