Setup to E-mail from a Patient File


The ability to e-mail direct from a patients' file exists, in all areas of Patients Records where printing is available


  1. Go to Location Setup > General Tab

  2. Group: Communication Settings

    1. Use E-mail for Single Messages = Yes

    2. E-mail sending service for Single Message = Select appropriate

      1. Internal D4W Mail Service: This selection allows user to insert a message before sending e-mail. It does not have an Outbox, so sent e-mails cannot be tracked.

      2. Add E-mail Service (with support SSL): This selection requires setup by Centaur support or your IT technician, with specific email details.

      3. Windows E-mail client (MAPI): This selection is used if user prefers the e-mail to go to the Outlook outbox before sending. It does not allow for a message to be written beforehand, but once sent will be shown in Outlook’s Sent box. This selection requires the following additional setup, also in General Settings > Group: Communication Settings

        1. Enter E-mail account name on  computer (MAPI)

  3. Next, select the e-mail attachment method - PDF or HTML

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