Add and Update Medical History


New Patients / First Entry

For new patients, the first time the History sub-tab is opened, that date and time is automatically entered. The date and time can be edited by clicking the edit icon.



When updating medical history, always add a new date which will copy existing history that can either be added to or removed in no longer applicable. 

If no changes to the patient’s medical history have been disclosed, ensure a new record is made with the current date and time only and change the Reason for Attendance if necessary. 

This allows a view a each visit - click on date drop list - and the disclosed medical information.


  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab > History sub-tab

  2. If updating medical history, click the Add icon                                                                                 

  3. Select a Reason for Attendance, if applicable

    1. Click Problem list

      1. Select the relevant problem/s from Available problems

      2. Click <<Add
    2. Click Add New to add new Available problems
      1.  Type in Problem 
      2. Click OK                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  4. Click Close

    1. Enter more details in Further details on problem

  5. Freehand type in Medical Conditions

  6. Freehand type in Dental History

  7. Highlight applicable allergies from Available Allergies

    1. Click Add / Drag and drop using the mouse

  8. Highlight applicable conditions from Available Med. conditions

    1. Click Add / Drag and drop using the mouse

Click here to Add New Reasons for Attendance.

Click here to Add New Problems.

Click here to Add New Allergies.

Click here to Add New Medical Conditions.

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