Update / Create New Charting


It is advised that a patient’s chart be updated every check-up so that the chart is current and will reflect patient’s dental history more correctly.

Create New Chart

  1. Go to Patient Records > Charting (2D/3D) tab

  2. Charting menu > New Charting

A new date and time will be added with a blank chart in view.

Copy from Previous Chart

Next, the details from the previous chart must be copied over to the current one. 

  1. Still in Patient Records > Charting (2D/3D) tab

  2. Charting menu > Copy from a Previous Charting > Select appropriate option

    1. Current cond. to THIS current condition...

      1. Copies only the charting entered under Current Condition from another chart

    2. Completed Treat. required to THIS Current condition...

      1. Copies only the charting marked as completed from another chart, moving it to the Current Condition of this chart

    3. Incomplete Treat. required to THIS treat. required...

      1. Copies incomplete charting to this Treatment Required

    4. Both Current AND Completed Treat to THIS Current Condition...

      1. Copies both the completed treatment and current charting entries from another chart

    5. Current, Completed and Incomplete to THIS Chart...

      1. Copies all three at once, moving completed to current and incomplete to treatment required

      2. Select the appropriate chart to copy from

      3. Click OK

Click here for instructions on making incomplete treatment plans inactive. 

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