Send SMS from Patient Details


Sending an SMS from Patient details can either be a free text entry or from a preset SMS template. The below instructions explain both. 


SMS Requirements

  1. Access to the internet

  2. Valid e-mail account

  3. Setup by Centaur with SMS capabilities - if not setup, e-mail 


Setup Patient Detail SMS Templates

  1. Go to Debtors & Marketing > Mail Merge Setup tab

  2. Mail Merge Category: Patients

  3. Select Location to view/save templates within

  4. Click Set

    1. Enter the name of the set, e.g. General Messages

  5. Highlight the set > Click Type

    1. Enter the name of the template, e.g. Birthday Wishes

    2. Click OK

  6. Highlight the Type > Click Edit icon for SMS Template

    1. Enter template details

    2. Go to Template menu > Update > Template menu > Exit

  7. Select the Location(s) the template is available to, if applicable


Send SMS from Patient Details

  1. Go to Patient Records > Patients tab

  2. Patient menu > Send SMS

    1. Select appropriate template from Type drop list or type text in field

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