Add New Hygienist


Hygienists do not have provider numbers and invoices must be attached to a Provider. If the Hygienist is working with several Providers they must be added as a separate Hygienists for reporting purposes. 

First setup an Appointment Book and if operating under their own ABN, setup the ABN and bank account first. 


  1. Go to Location Management > Providers tab

  2. Operations menu > New Record

  3. Read instructions and click OK to proceed

  4. Fill in the details of the hygienist, the following details are required for accurate record-keeping, reporting and claiming

    1. Title

    2. Surname

    3. First Name

    4. Provider Number (of the Dentist working alongside)

    5. GST Number

    6. Merchant ID (ePayments and claims)

    7. Certegy ID (for National Dental Plan only)

    8. Prescriber No (for electronic prescriptions only)

    9. Fee Level (only if working with Provider-based Fees)

    10. Appointment Book

    11. Commission (only if to be calculated on reports)

    12. Position: Hygienist

After adding a Hygienist, setup the Bank Redirections

Repeat the steps if the Hygienist will work alongside another Dentist and add that Dentists' Provider ID to the new file. In this case, change the Code to represent who the Hygienist is working with, e.g. HCP - Hygienist with Dr Chris Pine

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