D4W/PSS Recommended Setup for New Customers


Balance of Account

If transferring from another system, enter the outstanding balances so they can be paid off in D4W/PSS. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment tab (for relevant patient)

    1. Provider: Select the relevant Provider

    2. Date: Enter the date the treatment was performed

    3. Item: Enter 997 

    4. Fee: Enter the outstanding balance  

  2. Go to Itemised Invoices menu > New Invoice Only / Press F2 on keyboard

    1. Click Create    


If transferring from another system, enter the amounts patients are in credit of money.

  1. Go to Patient Records > Receipts tab (for relevant patient)

  2. Receipts menu > New Receipt

    1. Date: Enter the date the deposit was originally received 

    2. Amount: Enter the amount sitting in credit for this patient

    3. Payment Type: Select Other, this will not impact reports or banking

    4. Click Create


Create a New Fee Level

Set Fee Levels per Provider (Provider Based Fees)

Add New Fee Period

Update Fees

Modify a Fee Period


Fast Notes

Fast notes are used as quick templates when writing notes against patients files, during chat and against debtors. 

Setup Fast Notes


Letter Templates

It is recommended all commonly used letter templates are setup prior to going live, e.g. Work Certificate.

Create a New Letter Template


Treatment Plan Disclaimer / Statement / Message

These messages will appear on every patient Treatment Plan.

- Treatment Plan Disclaimer
- Treatment Plan Message
- Treatment Plan Statement

Add Treatment Plan Disclaimer, Message and/or Statement



Contact Manager (Referral List)

Add New Referrals


Appointment Classes (colours)

Setup Appointment Classes to colour code appointments. 

Setup Appointment Classes

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