Endodontic Clinical Notes Table/Grid


Per the Clinical Tables and Grids article, the below explains the fields associated with the Endodontic table/grid. 

  1. Tooth: The Tooth ID

  2. Cold Test: Tested whether the tooth is sensitive to cold

  3. Radiographic Findings: Findings on the x-ray

  4. Percussion: Tested how the tooth responds to tapping on a surface

  5. Palpatation: Tested the sensitvity of the gingival tissue

  6. Other: Other relevant information

  7. Mobility: The mobility of the tooth (loose)

  8. Heat Test: Tested whether tooth is sensitive to heat

  9. Electric PT: Electric pulp test

  10. Selective Anaesthesia Test: Whether the tooth has been tested with a specific anaesthetic

  11. Transillumination: Test of light through the tooth

  12. Pulp Polyp: Pulp polyp present or not

  13. Perio involved: Periodontitis involved with the tooth


For more details on each table, click on the relevant link below. 

RCT Clinical Notes Tables/Grids


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