RCT Clinical Notes Tables/Grids


Per the Clinical Tables and Grids article, the below explains the fields associated with the RCT, RCT-tooth and RCT-canal tables and grids. 


  1. Tooth/ Clamp: The Tooth ID, type of rubber dam clamp used

  2. Canal: The tooth canal (e.g. Mesio-buccal canal)

  3. Length: The length of the canal (e.g. 24mm)

  4. Inst: The instrument used (H or K file, Pro Taper)

  5. Ref: Reference point

  6. WL: Working length

  7. Curve: Is the root curved

  8. Date: The date the canal was cleaned

  9. MAF: Master apical file

  10. Flaring: Flaring of the tooth post initiation of RCT

  11. GP: Gutta percha

  12. Notes: Other relevant information



  1. Tooth: The Tooth ID

  2. Clamp: Type of rubber dam clamp

  3. Pulp Stone: Is pulp stone present

  4. Perforation: Perforation present

  5. Root Fracture: Root fracture present

  6. Resorption: Bone/ root resorption present

  7. Irrigation: Irrigation of the tooth

  8. Dressing: Medicated dressing for RCT



  1. Canal: The tooth canal (e.g. Mesio-buccal canal)

  2. WL: Working length

  3. Ref Point: Reference point

  4. MAF: Master apical file

  5. Instruments: The instrument used (H or K file, Pro Taper)

  6. Inst. Tech: Instrument technology

  7. MAC: Master apical come

  8. Obturation: Filling of the canal

  9. Curve Degree: Degree of the root curve

  10. Calcified: Calcification of the tooth canals

  11. Ledge: Ledge formation present

  12. Separated Inst: Broken instrument in the canal


For more details on each table, click on the relevant link below. 

Endodontic Clinical Notes Table/Grid



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