Ortho Clinical Notes Tables/Grids


Per the Clinical Tables and Grids article, the below explains the fields associated with the ORTHO tables and grids. 



  1. Date: Date of the exam

  2. Growth: Assessment of growth

  3. Profile: Assessment of profile view

  4. Nose: Assessment of nose

  5. Lips: Assessment of lips

  6. Lips at Rest: Assessment of lips at rest

  7. Lips Together: Assessment of lips together

  8. Naso-labial angle: Assessment of naso-labial angle

  9. Labio-mental fold: Assessment of labio-mental fold

  10. Intra-Labial Gap: Assessment of intra-Labial Gap

  11. Upper Incisor Exposure: Assessment of upper Incisor Exposure

  12. Speech: Assessment of speech

  13. Tongue Thrust: Assessment of tongue thrust

  14. Breathing: Assessment of breathing

  15. Gingival Display- (mm): Assessment of gingival display (mm)

  16. Upper Incisor Exposure Smile- (mm): Assessment of upper incisor exposure smile (mm)

  17. TMJ Joint: Temporo-mandibular joint assessment



  1. Date: Date of the exam

  2. Dentition: Assessment of dentition

  3. Type of Malocclusion: Assessment of malocclusion

  4. Overjet (mm): Assessment of overjet (mm)

  5. Overbite (mm): Assessment of overbite (mm)

  6. Crossbite: Crossbite present

  7. Functional Shift: Functional shift present

  8. Lower arch length discrepancies (mm): Assessment of discrepancies in the lower arch length (mm)

  9. Upper arch length discrepancies (mm): Assessment of discrepancies in the upper arch length (mm)

  10. Hygiene: Assessment of oral hygiene

  11. Caries: Assessment of caries

  12. Habits: Assessment of habits

  13. Pain: Assessment of pain

  14. TMJ Clicking: Assessment of temporo-mandibular joint clicking

  15. Breathing: Assessment of breathing

  16. Tongue Thrust: Assessment of tongue thrust

  17. Speech: Assessment of speech

  18. Others: Other assessments

  19. Differential Diagnosis: Possible diagnosis


ORTHO-Diag Records

  1. Impression: Impressions taken and assessed

  2. OPG: Orthopantomogram taken and assessed

  3. Lateral cephalometric Radiograph: Lateral cephalometric radiograph taken and assessed

  4. Periapical Radiograph: Periapical radiograph taken assessed

  5. Occlusal Radiograph: Occlusal radiograph taken and assessed

  6. Photos: Photographs taken and assessed


ORTHO-Treat Tools

  1. Impressions: Impressions taken and assessed

  2. Separators: Separators used

  3. Banding: Banding details

  4. Bonding: Bonding details

  5. Arch wire placement: Arch wire details


For more details on each table, click on the relevant link below. 

Endodontic Clinical Notes Table/Grid


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