Create a New Letter Template


Letter templates can be created under ANY patient file and be available for all patients. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Letters tab

  2. Highlight the Category to add the template to

  3. Go to Template menu > Create Template

    1. Specify template name: Type template name e.g. Dr James Smith Referral           

    2. Specify template description: Type the template description e.g. Endodontist referral

    3. Select locations where this template will be available at (if applicable):

      1. Show at All Locations: Use to allow all locations access to this category

      2. Show at Selected Locations: Select in Not Available > Add Selected to Available

    4. Click OK

  4. A blank template will show onscreen ready to design using freehand text, importing images and placing input fields in relevant places

    1. In Microsoft Word see the Add-Ins menu/tab for input fields

    2. In RTF, see the InsertD4W menu for input fields


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