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Under the Australian Spam Act, every commercial electronic message must contain a functional and legitimate 'unsubscribe' facility. This is an electronic address the recipient can use to tell the sender they do not wish to receive messages (, 2015).

The purpose of this feature is to allow users to easily comply with the requirement of this act by including an unsubscribe link in messages which they deem to be a commercial electronic message (CEM).

With the Unsubscribe feature activated, when a patient replies 'STOP' to an SMS or e-mail, D4W/PSS will automatically mark their file as such, so they do not receive future communication. 

If a patient unsubscribed from Appointment Reminders, he/she will still receive Recall Reminders. 




  • D4W/PSS must be on build 4394 or higher

    • Go to Help menu > About > See Build

  • Client must be on a current Support and Upgrade contract with Centaur

  • Either using Automation or Templates to send Reminders

  • Contact Centaur Support for back-end activation before proceeding below


Activate Feature

  1. Go to Location Setup > General tab

  2. Group: eServices

    1. Allow Patients to Unsubscribe from E-mail and SMS: Yes                                                        mceclip0.png

  3. Next, setup Security permissions (below) and add Unsubscribe option to templates


Setup Security

To prevent employees from resubscribing a patient, put security on Access Resubscribe and select who has permission to do so. 

Video: Setup Security

Understanding the Security Tab

Set Security on Modules/Tabs/Actions

Set Security Permissions - who can / cannot access or complete an action


Set Duty of Care to Overwrite Unsubscribe Feature

Patients Unsubscribed Report

Resubscribe a Patient




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