Setup Medicare Computerised Prescription


D4W must be on build 4272 or above to have access to Computerised Prescriptions.

Computerised Prescriptions uses the government supplied pre-printed prescription stationery. One side of the page is the Pharmacist/Patient copy and the other is Medicare/DVA copy.

Dentists must order prescription papers from Human Services – Prescriptions department. 


Enter Prescriber Number

Each Provider must have their Prescriber Number entered in Providers tab to use the feature. 

  1. Go to Location Management > Provider tab

  2. Select the relevant Provider from the Provider drop list

  3. Enter the number in the Prescriber No field


Surgery Details

The following details automatically input on the prescription and are therefore a requirement. 

  1. Go to Location Setup > Location tab

  2. Ensure the Address and Phone 1 are entered to use this feature


Medication List

A list of commonly prescribed medications should be entered to save time when creating for a patient. 

  1. Go to Location Setup > Fast Notes tab

  2. Notes Group: Medication List

  3. Provider: Select either For All Providers or an individual in the list
  4. Click Add and enter the medication details


Setup Printer

A dedicated printer for prescriptions is recommended to reduce waste and save time. 

  1. Go to Location Setup > General

  2. Group: Paths & Links

    1. Printer for Prescriptions: Select the printer from the list


Setup Security

Mandatory security has been added by default. Only Providers should have the ability/access to use Computerised Prescriptions.

  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab

  2. In the Users sub-tab select the Provider

  3. Click Patients under Modes/Actions

  4. Tick Manage Prescriptions


Setup Patient File

In addition to the patient's Title, First Name, Surname, and Address, the Medicare ID number must be entered onto the patient's file, so it will be automatically entered when creating a computerised  prescription.

  1. Go to Patient Details > Patients tab > Insurance / Various sub-tab

  2. Enter the Medicare ID number


Create and Print a Prescription for a Patient

View Previous Prescriptions for a Patient

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