Mixed Dentition: Child to Child Mixed Chart or Adult Mixed Chart


Over time, selected (or all) teeth will need to move from Child to Adult teeth for correct charting. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Charting (2D/3D) tab

  2. Charting menu > Show Mixed Chart

    1. No: An adult chart will show. This should be selected if patient has more adult teeth than deciduous 
    2. Yes: A deciduous chart will show along with the molars of the Adult chart (mixed). This should be selected when this is a child as there will be more deciduous teeth 

  3. To change a tooth from Child to Adult or Adult to Child

    1. In Current Condition, select a surface (multiple teeth can be selected at once) > Right mouse click >

      Toggle adult/deciduous


Click here to see how to setup default charting settings.

Click here to see how to move from a Mixed to Adult Chart.

Click here to see how to mark selected teeth as Deciduous/Child on an Adult Chart.

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