Standby List Column Explanation


  • Added Date: The date the patient was placed on the list

  • Preferred Date: The preferred date of the patient

  • Patient Details: Name, DOB and Card Number

  • Prior.: Appointment priority, at the discretion of the practice

  • Book: The appointment book to schedule the patient in

  • Dur.: The required duration of the appointment

  • Notes: Additional information about the booking

  • Preferred Time: The preferred time of the patient

  • Contacts: The patients contact numbers

  • Class: The appointment class

  • Next Appointment: The next appointment for this patient (if any)

  • For Provider: The Provider to schedule the appointment for

  • Appointed By: The employee who placed the patient on the Standby List

  • Location: Only visible to multi-location users; the location to schedule the patient in

Please note, you can sort each column in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column name.


Add Patient to Standby List

Setup Standby List Columns

Schedule Appointment from Standby List

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