Change File or Folder View in Document Manager


Document Manager allows for folders, files and documents to be viewed in five ways, each are listed below. The following options are available when viewing Document Manager from its own tab, Charting, 3D Charting and/or Perio tabs. The way Documents are viewed in these tabs can be changed directly in that tab. First make sure Document manager is visible in Charting, 3D Charting or Perio tabs. 

The view in Charting, 3D Charting and Perio tabs is set at whatever view is in Doc Manager by default. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Document Manager tab

    1. Documents menu > Select preference / select from relevant icon

Large Icons
Small Icons


  1. To change Document Manager view in a particular tab, go to Charting, 3D Charting or Perio Tab

  2. Right click in document area> Select the preferred method

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