Set Patient Preferred Method of Communication for Appointment, Invoices, Recalls and Queries reminders


Patients can stipulate - usually on a New Patient Form or verbally thereafter - the methods they wish to be contacted via, then this should be set in their file. 

  1. Go to Patient records > Patients tab > Address sub-tab

  2. Ensure the patient has a Mobile and/or E-mail entered, depending on how reminders will be sent

  3. Ensure the patient has their preferences selected for Send Appt. Reminders by clicking then selecting preferred methods

  4. If a patient does not want to be reminded of Appointments, select

    The Patient has requested no further communication

Assign Communication Methods when Mobile is Entered

Assign Communication Methods when E-mail is Entered

Setup to use Templates for Manual Appointment Reminders

Send Manual Appointment Reminders and/or Notifications

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