Change Appointment Book View


Single Book View

Used to view one Book / Provider at a time for up to 9 days at a time. 

  1. Go to the Appointment Book > Click Single Book View icon  mceclip0.png

  2. Go to Days Set menu > Select number of days to view 


Multiple Book View

Used to view up to 9 Books / Providers at a time with the ability to scroll to more books. 

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Click Multiple Book View icon  mceclip1.png


Multiple Location Book View

Only when a database is set up to view more than one location at a time is this feature available.

  1. Go to Appointment Book > Location drop list > Select the location to viewmceclip2.png


Grouped Book View

This feature is used to group selected appointment books into one view, rather than viewing all books at the same time.

Group Appointment Books


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