Make a Provider Inactive/Reactivate Provider


When a Provider no longer works at the Practice, mark he/she as inactive to remove from drop lists.

  1. Go to Location Management > Providers tab

  2. Select the relevant Provider

  3. Remove the tick from Is Active

    1. Read the inactivation instructions

      • Remove security access

      • Inactivate Appointment Book

      • Redirect Standby List Patients to another Provider

      • Remove Provider from Team Books (if applicable)

      • Move Patients with this Provider as their Main Provider to another

    2. Click Yes to continue with the inactivation

NOTE: The providers Appointment Book must also be marked as inactive. Click here for instructions

Reactivate Provider

A Provider that has been marked as inactive can be made active again.

  1. Go to Location Managment > Providers tab

  2. In the Operations menu, tick Show inactive providers as well                             

  3. In Provider, select inactive provider                                                                     

  4. Tick Is active 

Reactivate Security Access

  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab

  2. In the Record menu > select Show Users or Groups with Denied Access

  3. Double click reactivated staff member                                                   

  4. Select Allowed                                                                                                                       

  5. Select OK

Set or Change a Password

Inactivate (remove)/Reactivate an Appointment Book

Setup Bank Redirections







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