Set or Change a Password


Passwords must initially be set by an Administrator / someone with access to the Security tab, however can then be changed by the user without accessing Security. 


Set / Change Password in Security Tab

  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab > Users sub-tab

  2. Double click on the relevant user 

    1. User Name: Enter a user name (ignore if only changing password)

    2. Access to System: Select Allowed

    3. User Groups: Tick the group(s) the user should be linked to

    4. Password

      1. Enter the password

      2. Click OK

    5. Click OK


Change Password without Accessing Security Tab

Anywhere in D4W/PSS that asks for a username and password also provides the ability to modify the password without accessing Security. 

  1. Enter Username

  2. Enter Password

  3. Click Modify

    1. Enter new Password

    2. Click OK                                                      

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