Set Password Restrictions - control password length, characters and history


Password Restrictions allows the practice the ability to control how long a password is and its security strength. 


  1. Go to Location Setup > Security tab

  2. Go to Record menu > Set Password Restriction...

    1. Enable Password Restrictions: Tick to enable this feature

    2. Minimum Password Length: Enter the minimum number

    3. Enforce Password History: Enter the number of previously used passwords the user cannot use

    4. Password must contain alphabetic and numeric values: Select Yes/No

    5. Show Invalid Passwords: Click to see / print those who no longer meet the password requirements

    6. Click OK

Please note by using an insecure password you are increasing the risk that your data may be accessed by malicious actors which could result in theft of your patients and/or practices information. This could be classified as a Data Breach which has implications under the Australian Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Centaur strongly advises the use of secure passwords in all areas of your business.


Understanding the Security Tab

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