Use Schedule of Providers for Shared Appointment Books


Schedule of Providers is used when multiple Providers share a Standard Appointment Book to correctly report on the clinical hours worked by each Provider. A schedule is set up in D4W/PSS to repeat weekly.   

For example, Dr McCavity works between 8am-12pm Monday to Friday, and his colleague Dr Jones works between 12pm-6pm Monday to Friday. Their Practice prefers to manage one appointment book and schedule Dr McCavities appointments in the morning and Dr Jones’ appointments in the afternoon.  


  1. Go to Appointment Book > Options menu

  2. Schedule of Providers

    1. Location: Select the relevant Location if applicable

    2. Provider: Select the relevant Provider (set up one at a time)

    3. Period: Click the Add New icon mceclip0.png

      1. Enter the Start Date of when this schedule comes into effect

      2. Click OK

    4. Even/Odd Day Sensitive: Select relevant setting (off for every day)

    5. Click the day of the week

      1. Free Periods of Time: This shows the hours available to schedule the Provider 

        1. Click Copy to use the whole free period of time for the Provider

      2. Holiday: Tick if this Provider does not work on this day

      3. Click Add

        1. Select Book

        2. Enter From and To work times

      4. Click OK

    6. Repeat for all working days 

    7. Repeat for the next Provider


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