Using the 3D Skull in 3D Charting


The 3D Skull feature allows users to view the current condition or treatment required within a 3D Skull, primarily used for patient education. 3D Charting must be activated to use this feature. 


View 3D Skull

  1. Go to Patient Records > 3D Charting tab

  2. Charting menu > Show 3D Skull / Click 3D Skull Icon  mceclip0.png

    1. Current Condition

    2. Treatment Required


Rotate, Position and Zoom 3D Skull


Use to rotate horizontally. Also hold down Shift key and use the mouse to rotate both horizontally and vertically.



The skull can be changed by holding down the Ctrl key whilst holding down the left mouse click, or by using the positioning arrows onscreen. This is more commonly used when the user has zoomed in and is unable to see a portion of the image.


Zooming in/out can be done with the mouse roller, or via the  onscreen.


Click Reset button to reset the rotation, zoom set and position of the skull.



Viewing Layers

Layers can be removed by selecting the tick box options.

  • Skin

  • Muscles

  • Bones

  • Gums

  • Open - shows the inside of the mouth 

Any of the above layers can be removed; however, it may not make a difference onscreen if another layer is over the top of it, i.e. removing the muscle before removing the skin.



Show Notes

Tick to show notes that were written against teeth on the Charting tab(s).

Add Note

Tick and then click on the area to add the note. This is great for soft-tissue notes that cannot be added to teeth in Charting tab(s).


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