How to Install Mediasuite Client


A Mediasuite client install allows the user to access the application by connecting to the database located on the Server computer. To install a Mediasuite client, follow the steps below.

Note: The below steps are only possible if Mediasuite has previously been upgraded. If no upgrades have been run in the past, please contact Centaur Support

  1. Open File Explorer

  2. Enter in the address section: \\%servername%\CSAdmin\CMS_Storage\CIK (install files) 

  3. Run the Autorun.exe mceclip0.png

  4. Select Install Mediasuite mceclip1.png
    1. Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard: Click Nextmceclip2.png
    2. License Agreement windows: Click I accept to the terms of this license agreement

    3. Click Next

    4. Installation Type window: Select the Client User installation type

    5. Click next

    6. Ready to Install the Program window: Click install
    7. Installation Completed Window: Click Finishmceclip6.png

To open Mediasuite this is done from within Dental4Windows via the x-ray link icon in Charting, Treatment Plan or Treatment. If the link has not been setup please contact Centaur Support.

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