National Dental Plan: Information and Prerequisites


National Dental Plan (NDP) is Australia's only payment plan integrated with the D4W software which pays upfront.


  • Ensure the applicant meets the below criteria set by Humm

    • 18 years of age or older

    • Australian citizen or Permanent resident

    • Able to provide valid photo identification

      • (DL) Driver’s License; or

      • (APC) Aged Pension Card or

      • (VPC) Veterans Pension Card

  • Employment

    • If permanently employed / self-employed must work at least 25 hours per week

    • Otherwise available to Aged Pensioner and Veteran Affairs Pensioner

  • Provide a bank account or credit card in their name

  • Able to commit to paying a minimum deposit of 20%




  1. The National Dental Plan integrates with Dental4Windows from Vi4 Build 4202. It is advisable to remain on the most up to date build for access to improvements as other browsers are not supported and may cause issues during the application process.

  2. The following browsers are compatible with the Humm Online Application.

    1. Internet Explorer (latest version)

    2. Microsoft Edge (latest version)

    3. Google Chrome (latest version)

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