Create a Lab Job


Lab jobs are created in the Patients file either from the Treatment Plan or Treatment tab. 

  1. Go to Patient Records > Treatment tab or Treatment Plan tab

  2. Either against the relevant existing item, or add a new item, click the L column field

    1. Lab Sheet

    2. Category of Work: Select relevant category

    3. Laboratory: Select the lab to assign the job to

    4. Technician: Select to assign the job to a specific person (optional)

    5. Work Description: Enter notes for the technician

    6. Items

      1. Item: Select the item number(s) for this job

      2. Fee: If known, enter the fee

      3. Tooth: Enter the tooth ID

      4. Quantity: Enter the quantity

    7. Work Stages

      1. Stage: Select from the list

      2. Date, Time Due: Manually enter or click icon to search patients' next appointment  mceclip3.png

      3. Date, Time Done: Leave blank until the job is completed

    8. Created: Ensure the date and by are correct

    9. Job Finished: Leave until the job is completed

    10. Other Info

      1. Case: Enter the case, e.g. VMK

      2. Shade: Enter the colour, e.g. A3

    11. Print

      1. Use to print/preview the lab job

      2. Crown jobs allow further editing of the image before printing

        1. Click Pen to draw on the image
          mceclip5.png mceclip4.png


When a lab job is present, the following icon will appear in the L column of the Treatment Plan / Treatment tab: mceclip6.png    




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