Setup Manual Debtor Reminder Templates


D4W/PSS allows up to four reminders to be sent, the fourth reminder is set as a notice to a debt collector, however this can be edited. 


  1. Go to Debtors and Marketing > Mail Merge Setup tab

  2. Mail Merge Category: Reminder to the Debtors                       

  3. Reminders for Patients:

    1. Select The 1st Reminder

    2. Type Name: The name of the reminder, this can be changed

    3. Reminder Period: Set the number of days after the invoice is created that this reminder is due

    4. Letters Template: Click the edit icon mceclip1.pngto create/modify the template that will be used for print and e-mail                         

      1. Depending on settings, either MSWord or a Simple RTF Editor will open

      2. Design the reminder template, see Insert menu for input fields - note depending on the version of MSWord the menu name will differ

    5. Repeat for all other reminders, changing the content of each reminder template

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